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As treasurer, you have day-to-day responsibility for looking after the society’s money. However the board as a whole is responsible for deciding how funds will be raised and spent. Your job is to keep the accounts in good order and report to the board of directors. To achieve this you must be methodical and keep a clear record every time you receive or pay out money be it cheques, bank transfers or cash and adopt best practice at all times.

Activities  include

- banking cash and cheques promptly,

making payments promptly by cheque or BACS against approved invoices

managing standing orders and direct debits

checking bank statements regularly to ensure balances matches the accounts

obtaining and keeping details (paper or digitised) for all transactions, e.g.

o invoices/till receipts/petty cash vouchers for payments,

o daily reconciliations for shop sales

Responsibilities include

- maintaining and keep up-to-date with the help of other finance team members and our accountants our new online accounting system, Quick Books Online, “QBO”

- supervising team members entering sales and payment details,

- reconciling these and other transactions with bank statements.  

- liaising with our accountants regarding

- employee salary payments, overtime, and expenses

- month-end and year-end accruals and adjustments

- deadlines for completing the above for reporting to directors.

- providing quarterly P&L reports to directors and other reports as required, e.g. monthly cash balances

- checking credentials of suppliers/creditors

- recommending and actioning investment of surplus cash once approved.

Skills and resources required are:

- a working knowledge of accounting best practice

- an understanding of small business accounting

- familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Word

- internet access for reviewing and updating QBO accounts

- printer for reports.

Some prior knowledge of QBO or similar online accounting systems is desirable but not essential.

For further details contact Ray on 01625 428831.