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Company Secretary

Gawsworth Community Shop is owned by shareholders from the local area and run mainly by volunteers. The Company Secretary role  is a legal requirement for the organisation which is regulated by the FCA.

Under the rules of the  organisation, Board members are elected on a three year rotation and there is determined effort to regularly encourage new members with fresh ideas to join the Board

The activities involved divide into 6 categories as described below.  The role is supported by a secretary who minutes Board Meetings.  

Board Meetings – arrange venue, propose and finalise agenda, minute meeting if secretary not available.

Company File – this comprises a number of documents which can be examined on request by any shareholder or anyone with the authority to do so. Maintaining it is a legal requirement. The main components are Board and AGM meeting minutes, details of directors and a register of shareholders and their shareholdings.

Shareholder Register – this lists all shareholdings and requires updating whenever shares are issued, transferred or withdrawn or a shareholders contact details change. Its content is therefore strictly confidential and only accessed on a need to know basis. The role includes the printing of new share certificates when issued or transferred.

AGM    - the work involved is as for a Board Meeting but on a much larger scale including:

- distributing a letter and notification of the AGM to all shareholders

- placing notices around the village and in the parish magazine

- checking in attendees and issuing voting cards to shareholders

- counting any votes held during the meeting

Electronic Document Repository – this aims to hold an electronic copy of all documents produced by the society.  Many documents like meeting minutes need to be kept to provide a record of the society actions and decisions. Others often need to be updated and reused or reissued so having previous copies available saves time. Although not strictly necessary it does provide an easily reusable source of documentation.

Official Signatory – the role involves being an official signatory of the society. Documents requiring signature include the finalised annual accounts and the annual FCA return (AR30). The role is may also be the licence holder for the society’s lottery licence.

For further information contact Ray on 01625 428831